The world needs a new operating system, our next generation does too.

Humanity is at a crossroads.

From the classroom to the boardroom, we prioritize smarts over wisdom, private gain over public good. The costs are staggering. We’re facing a climate emergency, extreme inequality and growing polarization. Perhaps most dire is our crisis of purpose — and we’re passing it on to the next generation.

Our future depends on a generation brave enough to break with the status quo and bold enough to envision what comes next.

Everyone has this capacity, but our current approach to school stifles it.

With prescriptive learning, outdated assessments, and narrow definitions of success, we're teaching kids to follow the leader.

What if, instead, we taught them to fly?

The Opportunity

We’re re-inventing the transition after high school as a rebellious rite of passage: a brave new path for our brave new world.

In every high school on the planet, there are emerging leaders who are skeptical of the treadmill, distraught by the state of the world, and determined to fix it.

They’re ready to venture beyond classrooms and comfort zones, but don’t know where to start.

We do.

For millennia, cultures and religions recognized the developmental magic on the cusp of adulthood by helping young people leave home and develop a birds-eye view on themselves and the world.

But it’s not enough to make learning on purpose accessible to some; it’s time to make it accessible to all.

The Flight School is pioneering a radically new rite of passage — one in the spirit of our shared humanity.

The Fellowship

The Flight School Fellowship helps rising leaders find their people, their power, and their purpose — before setting their life’s course.

We’ve reimagined the “gap year” after high school as an accessible and aspirational “Launch Year” helping students fill in the gaps left by academic instruction.

Each year, we gather diverse Fellows from around the world and scaffold self-directed experiences with transformative supports — cohorts, coaching, and courses.

Our real-world curriculum develops REAL skills — uniquely human abilities in a world becoming less so:

  • Building RESILIENCE
  • Sparking EMPATHY
  • Restoring AGENCY
  • Igniting LEADERSHIP

We equip our Fellows with perspectives, tools, and a network that shape their trajectory — for good.

The Movement

Through collaboration, research and focused action we’ll ensure the transition to adulthood becomes a transformation.

Incremental change isn't enough, and one organization can't solve this alone. 

Using our Fellowship as a blueprint we will:

  • Build an accessible global platform
  • Inspire replication of our pedagogy and process
  • Formalize a recognized credential

We’ll also spearhead efforts to create wide-spread change: shaping pathways, policies, and public perception.

Ultimately, we’re igniting a movement to change how our next gen leaders learn, launch and lead.

We help rising leaders develop a compass so they can navigate beyond the map.

We’re doing the same.

Our team is globally diverse, unflinchingly hopeful, and fiercely committed to practicing what we preach.

We believe in:

  • Putting the mission before the market: impact (not money) is our bottom line. 
  • Building for scale: we leverage technology to take what works to the size of what’s needed.
  • Traveling lightly: we partner wherever possible to co-create the future.
  • Designing for purpose, not perpetuity: we may not be around forever, and that’s ok!
  • Cultivating magic: we'll put in the work to spot it, nurture it, and turn up its volume so it can’t be ignored.

In the next decade, we'll equip one million dreamers and do-ers to rewrite rules, redefine success, and reorient humanity toward our collective flourishing.

A better world is possible, but it’s not inevitable.

Our future hinges on a generation brave enough to break with the status quo, and bold enough to build what’s next.

Ultimately, we  envision a world where:

  • Every human on earth can access an education on purpose
  • The transition to adulthood is a transformative rite of passage
  • Our celebrated leaders have a new bottom line: people, purpose, and our planet 
  • A virtuous cycle takes root — resetting priorities, unleashing potential, and elevating our humanity

By changing the operating system of our future leaders, we can build a world that works for everyone.